There is music, it’s the sound
There is around music : it’s the picture
ILNU is the picture of music
The picture of sound
The eye hearing

ILNU is a participative and co-op platform,
Which bring around musicians : graphic designers, illustrators, photographers,
videographers / directors, editors, community managers…
All this artist meet each other, gather throughout ILNU
ILNU is a challenger
ILNU is a catalyst
ILNU is a synthesizer
ILNU is an amplifier
Of all ideas,
Of all talents,
For the overall graphic creation of albums.

You are a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, director, editor, community manager, or visual artist of all kinds, and interested in the musical world?
ILNU finances the graphic creation of albums by musical artists.

The crowdfunding part will therefore only be dedicated to independent artists, musical groups, labels and record companies, to allow them to finance the Graphic and Visual Art part of the albums being prepared, under 8 «packages», and the choice of one or more professionals via the category «Creators», you can be part of! :

  1. Visual digital Web (covers or promotional, event, virtual images).
  2. Covers or booklets for singles and albums, with vinyl pressing and publishing, with marketing of pre-orders from our partner Diggers Factory.
  3. Event posters and promotional photos with prints at our partner GAME EURL
  4. Vidéo-clips.
  5. Editorial (biographies, columns, contracts, various articles, etc.)
  6. Social media and Community Management.
  7. Visual identity
  8. (later) / Derivative products developed by our partner GAME EURL

The goal of ILNU is to finance, via music lovers, all the graphic communication of albums
of talented musicians.

Thanks to Crowdfunding, you, graphic designers, illustrators, visual artists, photographers, videographers/ directors, editors, community managers, talented, create the graphic part of future albums.
Thanks to the donors of this crowdfunding, it is also the overall artistic realization of a project:
These are meetings between musical artists, and you, the «designers», to create a symbiosis, a provocation, a breath between Sound and Image.

So it is also a shared creation!
As you will have understood, ILNU is a platform bringing together under its roof all the musicians, all the creative teams, and above all, the music lovers, who will finance the projects of Graphic Art.

The social network allows a great ease of exchange between all the players in the musical field, the world of visual creators, a better visibility, and a media simplification!
Through your pages created on our site hypra-specialized, you show and present your work, you mention your musical tastes, your specificities.

« ILNU unveils this magic which was only reflected then without letting us glimpse the extent of the talents.
Because music is a way of life, this revealed nude island will be made up of all your facets. »

These are meetings between labels, record companies, artists, and graphic designers.
Depending on your image and your universe, the project allows a shared creation, transformed into a communication object in perfect harmony with the style.

A cover, a booklet, a poster, a video clip, a writing…..
The more donors there are, the better the project will be funded.
It can be, depending on the amounts collected, an album cover, a book, a poster, a video clip, the management of a community, the writing of a bio?
It’s up to you to propose your style and your talents as a professional, and to create a true identity of communication to musicians!

You work at your usual price!
Because ILNU wants to perpetuate the quality, your services will be, after exchanges and agreement with the musician, edited by you at the appropriate amount.
It is these confirmed fees that will validate the departure of the campaigns!
The remuneration does not go through the musical artist, the donations will be paid directly to you 100% of the campaign intended for the project.
You remain free and independent, no flat rate, no partnership, nothing like that will never be asked to you with ILNU.
Out of passion for Art and Music, this is our way of supporting you and highlighting you.
We consider your job to be real works, they will never be produced at a discount.

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ILNU is the meeting place for music groups, independent labels and their audiences.
The connection between musical projects and artists, photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, videographers, editors, community managers...

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