There is music, it’s the sound
There is around music : it’s the picture
ILNU is the picture of music
The picture of sound
The eye hearing

ILNU is a participative and co-op platform,
Which bring around musicians : graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, videographers / directors, editors, community managers…
All this artist meet each other, gather throughout ILNU
ILNU is a challenger
ILNU is a catalyst
ILNU is a synthesizer
ILNU is an amplifier
Of all ideas,
Of all talents,
For the overall graphic creation of albums.

You are a singer, a composer, a songwriter
One, two or three together
You are preparing an album,
You have a current prototype
And you want ILNU to help you showcase your work ?

ILNU finances the graphic creation of your album
Thanks to Crowdfunding, graphic designers, illustrators, visual artists, photographers, videographers /art directors editors, community managers, talented, create the graphic part of your future Album.
Thanks to the donor of this crowdfunding, it is also the overall artistic realization of a project:
It’s a shared creation!
These are meetings between artists, you, and graphic designers to create a symbiosis, a provocation, a breath between Sound and Image.

With your project, your talent, you attract donors!
« ILNU unveils this magic which was only reflected then without letting us glimpse the extent of the talents. Because music is a way of life, this revealed nude island will be made up of all your facets. »
You upload your current project to the ILNU website :
In the form of a prototype, first tracks in progress, a writing on your creation, your story …
With all this raw material, you seduce donors who will want you to succeed in your project.
Small streams make great rivers

More donors there are, better your project will be funded.
It can be, depending on the amounts collected, an album cover, a book, a poster, a video clip, the management of a community, the writing of a bio?

The crowdfunding part will therefore only be dedicated to independent artists, musical groups, labels and record companies, to allow you to finance the Graphic and Visual Art part of albums being prepared, under 8 «packages», and the choice of one or more professionals via the category «creators»:

  1. Visual digital Web (covers or promotional, event, virtual images).
  2. Covers or booklets for singles and albums, with vinyl pressing and publishing, with marketing of pre-orders from our partner Diggers Factory.
  3. Event posters and promotional photos with prints at our partner GAME EURL
  4. Vidéo-clips.
  5. Editorial (biographies, columns, contracts, various articles, etc.)
  6. Social media and Community Management.
  7. Visual identity
  8. (later) / Derivative products developed by our partner GAME EURL

Some will also collect enough to finance other musical projects, instruments, or afford better registration conditions!

It’s up to play your music!

Do you like our concept? It's time to register!